Desperate Pleasures

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hot New Teens Tickled And More

Licked And Tickled

19 yr old Luna is a tiny girl with some very sexy size 5 feet. When Catherine hears about some of her tickling adventures she just has to see for herself. Catherine licks Lunas sole then takes her toes in her mouth and starts tickling them. Luna laughs and struggles but Catherine won't let go. Catherine worships and tickles both of her tiny feet keeping Luna guessing whats coming next. 

No Matter What She Tries

Young Carly went to a photo shoot to start her modeling career. The photographer took a few shots then convinced her to try some bondage. She agreed and he hogcuffed and gagged her on the couch. Once she is secured he tells her shes not getting out until she decides to sleep with him. Carly struggles desperately to get free but no matter what she does she can't get free. Will Carly become the photographers new sex toy?

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