Desperate Pleasures

Friday, July 27, 2012

Uncle Carl Knocked Me Up

Camerons Dirty Diary

Young college student Cameron was out of town checking out a college and stayed with her Uncle Carl and Aunt Linda. After getting accepted she moved in with them and her story begins. The first night she sits and writes about the move in her diary wondering what kind of fun she'll have. When she moved in Cameron agreed to to abide by the house rules including a curfew. She comes in late one night and Uncle Carl is waiting. He puts her over his knee and spanks her bare bottom and tickles her feet making her promise not to be late again. When she gets to her room she tells her diary a different story. It seems the tickling turned her on and she wants more. The next day she is showering with the door slightly cracked. When she realizes she is being watched she puts on a show and makes herself cum a few times. Her next diary entry warns that it may be a few days to her next entry since her aunt is going out of town and she plans to seduce Uncle Carl.
Cameron sneaks into her Uncles room while he is napping and starts sucking his cock. At first Uncle Carl is shocked but he can't resist his nieces charms as she licks and sucks his hard cock. Cameron gets soo turned on by having her Uncles cock in her mouth she has to feel it in her pussy. She straddles him and rides his cock hard and fast making her build to an intense squirting orgasm. Uncle Carl flips her over and fucks her doggy style burying his cock deep then rolls her on her back. He fucks her to another squirting orgasm before he explodes inside her too.
The next morning Cameron oversleeps and Uncle Carl wakes her by tickling her feet. Her seductive looks convince Uncle Carl to write her an excuse and to show her gratitude she starts sucking his cock. Next thing you know she is riding his cock like theirs no tomorrow making Uncle Carl explode inside her again. Camerons Diary entries resume with some great news in her last trimester. Uncle Carl is getting divorced so they can have their own family.


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Kendra James Destroys Cocks

Over 35 Minutes Of Ballbusting And Femdom With Kendra James

This brutal compilation includes: Ballbusting 101, Fucked Edged And Denied, Kendra Breaks His Balls, Laugh While You Cry and Punched And Punished.


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hot New Teens Tickled And More

Licked And Tickled

19 yr old Luna is a tiny girl with some very sexy size 5 feet. When Catherine hears about some of her tickling adventures she just has to see for herself. Catherine licks Lunas sole then takes her toes in her mouth and starts tickling them. Luna laughs and struggles but Catherine won't let go. Catherine worships and tickles both of her tiny feet keeping Luna guessing whats coming next. 

No Matter What She Tries

Young Carly went to a photo shoot to start her modeling career. The photographer took a few shots then convinced her to try some bondage. She agreed and he hogcuffed and gagged her on the couch. Once she is secured he tells her shes not getting out until she decides to sleep with him. Carly struggles desperately to get free but no matter what she does she can't get free. Will Carly become the photographers new sex toy?

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Superheroine Bondage Sex

Ravaging Robyn

Catgurl Fucks Her Silly

After taking care of Batgurl, Catgurl catches Robyn sleeping and uses a special potion on her to kn0ck her out. Shye ties Robyn to the bed and brings her around by tickling her ribs. Robyn struggles to get away but it is no use. Catgurl takes full advantage of the situation by tormenting the bound heroine even more. She grabs a hitachi and begins edging Robyn to orgasm but every time she gets close Catgurl ruins it. To complete her plan Catgurl rips off Robyns pantyhose and grabs a strap-on. She fucks Robyns pussy hard driving her over the edge and draining her of her energy. Catgurl leaves Robyn tied to the bed and heads off to capture another heroine. 
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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Asian MILF Maxine X Bound To Cum

Asian MILF Bound To Cum HD

Over And Over Again

Sexy Asian MILF Maxine X finds herself bound to a table naked and a girl she doesn't know walks in. She realizes she is in trouble when the girl starts tickling her inner thighs making her laugh and struggle. She tickles Maxines armpits a bit then moves to her feet to lick and tickle them. Licking her feet gets the slave girl so turned on she works her way to Maxines pussy and licks her to a very hot orgasm
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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Medically Manipulated - Miss Amors Treatment

Miss Amors Treatment

Makes Her Cum

21 year old Malice Amor has been under the Dr's care for awhile and she is in to receive another treatment. After the injection Dr Johnsons soothing voice soon has her completely relaxed and under control. He instructs her to undress and masturbate and she complies without resistance. He orders her to make herself cum several times and Miss Amor cannot resist the control he has on her so she furiously fingers herself to multiple orgasms. What will be her next treatment? 

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Catherine Gets No Mercy

With Miss Ashley In Charge

Catherine agreed to get in the stocks in a hogtie position and try it out. Miss Ashley has never had a chance to go one on one with her and knows she has a reputation for no mercy so she is going to give her a dose of her own medicine. Miss Ashley tickles her soles, sides and inner thighs repeatedly but theres nothing Catherine can do to stop it. Miss Ashley teases and torments her the entire time without any mercy just like she promised.

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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Riley Reid Bound To Fuck

In Many Different Ways

19 year old Riley Reid has a bit of a kinky streak. After having an awesome time licking and tickling Taylor she really needed to get fucked so she asked me to cuff her and tickle fuck her for a bit. With her arms bound she can't resist as she gets fucked and has her upper body tickled at the same time. After a bit she is let out of the cuffs to ride my cock as I tickle her. She rides it hard until she has a massive orgasm then gets bent over a chair and fucked til I explode on her ass as she cums again.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Angels Bound To Fuck

And Become A Tickle Slut

Catherine loves to train her special slaves with pleasure and torment at the same time. Angel is bound to the bench and cannot resist her Mistresses wishes at all. Catherine begins to tickle her and gets her laughing hysterically then gets behind her and shoves a strap-on in her pussy. Angel laughs and moans from the two sensations driving her wild then Catherine makes it even more intense. She uses the Hitachi on Angels clit while continuing to fuck and tickle her slave. After several intense tickling orgasms Catherine gets her ready for the next part of her training.

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Whitneys Bound To Fuck

When Her Boyfriend Gets Even

Whitney is bound naked on the bed and her boyfriend AJ is ready to get some revenge. He starts tickling her belly and feet making her struggle like crazy. AJ teases her pussy a bit and she suggests he fuck her instead of tickling but AJ has other plans. While he fucks her his fingers tickle her everywhere making her laugh and squirm. After several orgasms that make her really sensitive AJ can't hold back any more and cums all over her ass but he still isn't done. He tickles and torments Whitney for almost 5 more minutes before finally leaving her bound breathless on the bed.


Friday, January 13, 2012

Tiny Titty Tickler

Rene Makes Selena Pay

Selena had tickled Rene soo badly that when she turned her back it was time for Rene to make her move. Selena comes to tied to the bed spread eagle with Rene tickling her feet. Selena struggles to get free but it's no use. Rene pulls down Selenas top and starts tickling her massive natural K tits driving her wild. Rene exacts her revenge on every inch of Selenas body but spends alot of her time tickling her feet and breasts. After she is satisfied ad Selena is exhausted Rene curls up on Selenas massive tits for a nap.

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