Desperate Pleasures

Friday, November 26, 2010

8 Gorgeous Feet 1 Hard Cock

So You Like Feet DOUCHEBAG

You Won't When We're Done

Molly and Rain are visiting with Penny and Pandora when the conversation takes a strange twist. Pandora has a problem with an accountant at work that stares at her feet. She thinks he even jerks off to them under his desk and wants to teach him a lesson. The girls kidnap the unsuspecting accountant and Tie him to the bed. When he wakes up Pandora taunts him about what he has been doing them Molly begins forcing him to cum with her feet while the other girls stick their feet in his face and tickle him too. Not wanting to give him satisfaction Molly uses her hand to finish milking his cock. Once he cums the girls ruin his orgasm by tickling his entire body. Think he will still like Pandora's feet after this?

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