Desperate Pleasures

Monday, September 26, 2011

Briella Jaden Is Bound To Cum

Briella Ticklemastered To Orgasm HD

Over And Over Again

After strapping Briella Jaden to the ticklemaster I discovered she had no idea what she was in for. The touch of nails on her skin got her laughing and struggling right away. After tickling every inch of her body it was time to really get her going so the hitachi was placed against her pussy and the real torments began. She got close to orgasm several times but the intense tickling stopped her from cumming and she called me an Asshole. Little did she know that after her intense orgasm hit her that the torment would get worse. The hitachi stayed on her pussy making her cum again while the tickling intensified to the point where she actually said she hated me but the tickling still didn't stop.


Friday, September 16, 2011

Custom Fetish Videos Now Available

JW Ties is proud to present you with a new store dedicated to showcasing our custom fetish video creations. From Femdom and CBT to Superheroines and Bondage sex Custom Fetish Scenes has it all. Here are a few sample pics of what you'll find there:

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Emily Is Bound To Cum

Over And Over Again

Busty Milf Emily Camille is strapped securely to the bondage table where she is kept for her training. Hearing her start to stir her keeper comes in to start another session. His hands fondle and squeeze the breasts as she struggles to avoid his touch. He slaps her panty covered pussy and grabs the hitachi. He shoves the vibrator against her clit making her moan and struggle more. Over and over he forces Emily cum until its her panties are soaked then he leaves her bound for her next lesson.

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Licklish Lesbian Fuckfest A Divine 69

Rene and Taylor are laying in bed kissing and get a bit carried away. Catherine walks in and finds them in a hot 69. She climbs into bed and tickles both of them then her and Rene tag team Taylor for a bit. Next thing you know Catherine grabs the strapon and starts fucking Taylor while her and Rene eat each other out. Catherine can't help but tickle Taylors feet and ribs as she fucks her hard which in turn makes Taylor tickle Rene. The girls make each other laugh and moan until all of them have an orgasm or 2 satisfying their cravings for a bit.

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