Desperate Pleasures

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Really Mom?

He's My Boyfriend

Pocahontas and her boyfriend are making out on the couch a few days aftr Christmas and they think they're alone. Pocahontas suggests they go to her room just as her Mom walks in. She knows what they are about to do and decides to teach her daughter a valuable lesson in how to treat boys. She orders the boy to drop his pants and when he starts to protest Mom clamps her hand over his mouth. She tells Pocahontas that the only way boys cum in her house is with a handjob and watches as she administers the treatment. Watching her daughter stroke her boyfriend gets Mom a bit hot and she starts playing with her tits and pussy while still smothering the boy. Apparently the excitement was way too much for him as he soon blows a huge load. As soon as he cums Mom orders him out of the house while her daughter tries to protest.

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