Desperate Pleasures

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tara Holiday Fucked Silly

A Candid Tickle Fuck

Tara Holiday has such an insatiable sex drive that even after being tied up and tickle fucked she still wanted more. She climbed on top of me in the bed and was riding me cowgirl style but I couldn't resist tickling her armpits. When she started riding me in reverse cowgirl it gave me access to her feet and sides to really get her going until she threatened to tickle me. I had no choice but to pin her on her back and tickle her feet and sides a bit more.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ultimate Tickle Power

Quest For The Tickling Syllabus Volume 1

Special Agent Catherine Foxx has infiltrated Tickling University in her quest to find the ultimate tickle power. Ivy Winters, the headmistresses niece holds the key to getting the answers she needs so when she confronts her with a blackmail scheme Catherine turns the tables. She takes Ivy captive and begins to try and break her with full body tickling. After a bit Agent Foxx tries a few more tactics including orgasm denial but Ivy still won't submit. Finally Catherine injects a special formula and Ivy becomes her bitch. To be sure of her compliance Agent Foxx fucks her with a huge strap-on and she proves her loyalty. She then takes the lead scientist hostage and uses his infatuation with Ivy to his advantage, tickle torturing her until he reveals the location of the formula. Once she discovers it is in his DNA and only Ivy can extract it the process begins. Ivy milks every drop of his cum into the sample jar then she reveals her true role.

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Nurse Catherine

Renes Tickle Treatment Quicktime

Nurse Foxx's Prescription

Rene has been sent to an institution for some very bad behavior. Nurse Foxx is in charge of her therapy and after electric shock failed she decided to resort to tickle therapy instead. She starts out tickling Renes upper body with a feather and constantly reassures her its for her own good every time she begs. Tiny Rene laughs and struggles as the feathers tickle her body and when Nurse Foxx moves to her feet she really goes crazy. After several minutes of tickling her entire body, including her nipples, with the feathers Nurse Foxx makes it even worse by using her fingernails on her patients exposed skin until it's time for the treatment to end.

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Friday, November 4, 2011

BBW Georgia Belle Hogtied And Tickled

Until She Can't Take Anymore

Georgia Belle is tightly hogtied and at her ticklers mercy (which he has none). It's been awhile since she has been tickled so he starts off with just his nails on her soles making her laugh and struggle. Her laughter makes the tickler dig in even more really driving her wild trying to get away. She begs and pleads with him to stop but he refuses and digs in between her toes instead.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Rene is Hungry

Rene Likes To Bite Alot

And It Really Gets Her Hot

After talking with Rene I discovered that she really enjoys biting in her personal life. We decided to do an interview with one of our guys and her eyes lit up. As soon as she clamped her teeth into his skin you could tell it got her excited. She chomped on his hand and arm leaving some nice marks. Rene even managed to get alot of his hand in her mouth. Rene enjoyed it so much I think she will be back for more very soon