Desperate Pleasures

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Busty Milfs Bound For Trouble

Busty Milfs Bound For Trouble

Over a full hour of your favorite busty bondage babes from Cuffed and Stuffed in some of our tightest Tape, handcuff and rope bondage

This exciting compilation includes: Alexis Rain Bound For Trouble, Candles Not Gonna Make It, Heather Silk Bound For Trouble, Mandy K , Britney Isn't Going Anywhere, Lola and Candle in Trouble and Kerri Taylor In The Wrong Place
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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Carissa Montgomery Hogcuffed And Tickled

Carissa Montgomery Hogcuffed And Tickled
For Taylors Amusement

Carissa Montgomery joined us at our hotel during Fetishcon while Taylor was over so we hogcuffed the busty milf on the couch and turned Taylor loose. The first thing she does is remove Carissas shoe and starts tickling her foot making her laugh and struggle but not enough to satisfy Taylor. She removes the other shoe and starts tickling both feet really getting her going and then sneak attacks her ribs for a second to keep her off balance. Taylor tickles and taunts her the entire time until Carissa begs her to stop repeatedly.