Desperate Pleasures

Friday, December 17, 2010

Bratty Teen, JC Simpson, Fucked Silly

This Fucking Tickles

JC Simpson Fucked Silly

Young JC Simpson was so turned on by the oral pleasures Reesa gave her she drags her into the bedroom. They kiss passionately as Reesa plunges a strap-on into JC's wet pussy. As JC moans in pleasure Reesa starts tickling her lightly in her armpits and sides. JC struggles to stop the tickling so she can get an orgasm but Reesa attacks her feet making it harder for her to cum. Reesa starts fucking JC doggy style so she can tickle her feet better before making her cum. After JC has a very intense orgasm Reesa tickles her entire body once more.

Friday, November 26, 2010

8 Gorgeous Feet 1 Hard Cock

So You Like Feet DOUCHEBAG

You Won't When We're Done

Molly and Rain are visiting with Penny and Pandora when the conversation takes a strange twist. Pandora has a problem with an accountant at work that stares at her feet. She thinks he even jerks off to them under his desk and wants to teach him a lesson. The girls kidnap the unsuspecting accountant and Tie him to the bed. When he wakes up Pandora taunts him about what he has been doing them Molly begins forcing him to cum with her feet while the other girls stick their feet in his face and tickle him too. Not wanting to give him satisfaction Molly uses her hand to finish milking his cock. Once he cums the girls ruin his orgasm by tickling his entire body. Think he will still like Pandora's feet after this?

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

This Fucking Tickles

Miss Jordan Fucked Senseless

By Her Mistress

Jordan loves getting fucked by her Mistress and wants to make it even hotter. Jordan looks up at her mistress and asks to be tickled at the same time. Ashley loves to tickle so she grabs Jordans sexy feet and tickles them while pounding her pussy with the strap-on. She makes Jordan get on her knees so she can fuck her even harder while tickling her sides and armpits too. Ashley fucks her so hard Jordan loses control and drools all over herself and the bed before finally collapsing from an earthshaking orgasm.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

12 Soft Hands One Small Cock

When Tickle Brats Attack

They Leave You Breathless

After sending Katrinas mom to the ER the girls decided to have a bit more fun. Their friend Bianca seduced a young EMT for Katrinas initiation. This guy gets bound to the bed in a very tight spread eagle and the girls tease and tickle him all over. Katrina impatiently waits to ruin his orgasm and when she finally gets the ok from Catherine, she jerks his tiny cock quickly. After the guy cums 12 hands ruin his orgasm and leave him gasping for air.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fucking Machine Tickle Torture

Katrina Fucked Silly

Orgasmic Tickling and Revenge

Sexy Katrina came in to try out the sybian since she really loves orgasms. After all the tickle abuse she has given me in the past it was a perfect opportunity to return the favor. After she is bound to the bed, the machine starts fucking her very wet pussy making her moan. Before she can cum I switch the machine off and start to tickle her with my fingers making her giggle and snort then the fun begins. I turn the machine back on and while it fucks her I tickle her upper body, inner thighs and nipples stopping her from orgasm several times. When she finally cums my fingers go nuts on her belly and armpits til she begs me to stop

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pregnant Lesbian Breastfeeding

Pregnant Sylvia Breastfeeds Her Girlfriend
Sylvia is ready to pop and lactating too. Her girlfriend Katrina has a thing for hot pregnant girls and wants to have a bit of fun with Sylvia before she goes into labor. Katrina talks Sylvia into letting her taste a bit of her breast milk and she starts sucking deeply on her friends swollen nipples. Katrina suckles her breasts for awhile before getting so turned on she convinces Sylvia to head to the bedroom, but thats another story.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fucking Candle Boxxx Ass

Catherine Fucks it HARD

Candle Boxxx loves anal sex and while she was playing with Catherine she asked her to fuck her with a strap-on. Catherine loves fucking sexy women so she grabbed the dildo, strapped it tight and plunged it deep into Candles tight ass. Catherine grabs her hair and fucks her hard until Candle cums several times from her ass being fucked. Check it out on Clips4sale

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Brutally Bitten

JC Bites Her First Guy

Again and Again

18 yr old JC Simpson has never bitten anybody and really thought we were joking about it. When she took her first bite she seemed to really get into it. After a few more bites it was even harder to get her to stop. This girl really got into biting hands and arms alot.

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