Desperate Pleasures

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Whitney Morgan Is Cumming.....Hard

Whitney Morgan Finally Came
And Got Tickled Even More

Miss Whitney Morgan and I have been trying to get together and shoot for almost 2 years but our schedules never coincided until yesterday. After waiting this long I had to get her on the ticklemaster all to myself for a bit. Once she is strapped tightly she starts getting scared since apparently other girls were telling her I am a very mean tickler. So after a few light tests with my fingers and a toothbrush Whitney starts to get a bit mouthy thinking the girls were lying, BIG MISTAKE. Having read her butt was ticklish somewhere, I crammed an electric toothbrush in her butt crack driving her nuts but her best reaction to tools was the flosser in her belly button. Now the fun began as I brought out the hitachi and began teasing her to the edge of orgasm. Every time she gets close my fingers tickle different places on her body to stop her from cumming. When she finally gets to cum I shoved the hitachi under her butt and her until she couldn't handle anymore.

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Friday, May 27, 2011

Taylor Raz The Ticklish Theif

Catherine and Rene work at Lou's strip club with Taylor. Earlier in the day Catherine caught Taylor stealing money out of her locker and Taylor claimed it was an accident. When Rene and Catherine confront Lou he says he'll look into it but after Taylor comes in and blatantly flirts with him Catherine and Rene take matters into their own hands. They invite Taylor over for a "Girls Night" and next thing you know Taylor is bound tightly to the bed while the girls tickle her bare feet relentlessly. Taylor tries to protest and deny it every time she gets a chance to breathe but the girls know she is lying. They tickle her feet for almost 20 minutes before Taylor finally confesses hoping they will stop but they go a bit longer to be sure she learned her lesson.