Desperate Pleasures

Monday, December 26, 2011

Kendra Punished In Pantyhose

Her Feet Are A Treat To Tickle

Kendra James came for a visit and we just had to get her on the ticklemaster for Catherine and Malice to play with. Wearing nothing but sheer pantyhose Kendra was completely vulnerable to their fingers, mouths and brushes when they started tickling her feet. Kendra does her best to get away from the tickling but it does her no good. The girls make Kendra laugh like crazy the entire time too. good.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Elizabeth Bentley Fucked Silly

When Tickling Gets Her Hot

Tiny 18 yr old Elizabeth has never used a hitachi to make herself cum so when her tickler places it on her pussy the sensations are overwhelming. He takes her to the edge of orgasm several times but keeps her from cumming by tickling her entire body at random intervals. When Elizabeth finally cums she is so turned on she needs even more. Next thing you know she is bound naked on the table and being fucked hard making her moan. While he is fucking her the tickler uses his fingers on her sexy soles and really gets her giggling. The more she gets fucked and tickled the more she begs for it so the tickler uses his nails on her sides, ribs and even her tiny nipples driving her over the edge. When he spreads her legs and starts tickling her toes Elizabeth loses control and has a wicked orgasm while laughing like crazy.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Malice Likes To Bite

A Little Too Much
Malice Amor is a 20 yr old college girl that came in for a shoot. While she was here we discovered she has an affinity for biting in her personal life so we decided to try her out. When she first sank her teeth into the guys hand you could see how much she enjoys it and it got more intense from there. From the sides of his hand to his wrist and forearm Malice left some pretty deep and vicious marks. She definitely likes to bite alot.