Desperate Pleasures

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Angels Bound To Fuck

And Become A Tickle Slut

Catherine loves to train her special slaves with pleasure and torment at the same time. Angel is bound to the bench and cannot resist her Mistresses wishes at all. Catherine begins to tickle her and gets her laughing hysterically then gets behind her and shoves a strap-on in her pussy. Angel laughs and moans from the two sensations driving her wild then Catherine makes it even more intense. She uses the Hitachi on Angels clit while continuing to fuck and tickle her slave. After several intense tickling orgasms Catherine gets her ready for the next part of her training.

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Whitneys Bound To Fuck

When Her Boyfriend Gets Even

Whitney is bound naked on the bed and her boyfriend AJ is ready to get some revenge. He starts tickling her belly and feet making her struggle like crazy. AJ teases her pussy a bit and she suggests he fuck her instead of tickling but AJ has other plans. While he fucks her his fingers tickle her everywhere making her laugh and squirm. After several orgasms that make her really sensitive AJ can't hold back any more and cums all over her ass but he still isn't done. He tickles and torments Whitney for almost 5 more minutes before finally leaving her bound breathless on the bed.