Desperate Pleasures

Friday, October 28, 2011

Hot For Tickles

Taylor And Carissas Naughty Night

Taylor invited Carissa over for the weekend and when it comes time to go to bed a bit of a tickle fight breaks out. This turns both of them on and Carissa grabs the hitachi to make Taylor cum. She tickles her erotically while vibrating her pussy and soon she has a massive orgasm. Taylor grabs the hitachi and starts in on Carissas nipples first really getting her hot then she lightly tickles her until the vibrator makes her cum too.

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Lucy Gets Inititiated

Lucys Tickle Initiation

Time To Meet The Gang

Lucy came over to Catherines for a "party" and had no idea what that meant. Alexandria, Lola and Catherine strapped her to the ticklemaster for her initiation to the group and she knew she was in big trouble. Catherine immediately went after her feet while Lola and Alexandria tickled her upper body then all hell broke loose. The girls tickle poor Lucy everywhere making her laugh and struggle like crazy. This was one hell of a party.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Whitney's Fucking Revenge

Whitneys Fucking Revenge

Forces Catherine To Flee

Whitney caught Catherine napping and figures this would be a perfect time for a bit of revenge so she puts on a strap-on and tickles Catherine awake. Catherine knows shes gonna get it when she sees the cock but figures she might enjoy it too. Whitney starts fucking her and tickling her feet making Catherine laugh and struggle for a bit then flips her over and starts fucking her doggy style. The tickling gets to be a bi much when Whitney starts tickling her ass so Catherine tries to tickle her back and gets pinned face down on the bed. Whitney fucks her to orgasm then starts tickling her even more. The post orgasm tickling is too much for Catherine so she struggles her way off the bed to escape.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Catherine Foxx Tickles Lucy's Feet

Lucy Skye Has Ticklish Feet

And Wants To Be Tickled More

Lucy Skye is a local college girl with some very sexy size 9 feet. When she responded to our ad for models we had to get her in for an interview with Catherine. During the interview Catherine discovers that Lucy wants to be tickled and has never had her feet worshipped so she is happy to oblige. First she explores Lucy's foot with her tongue and Lucy enjoys it so much she asks Catherine to lick the other one too. Before she does Catherine uses her nails to tickle Lucys soles and gets her laughing. She gives the other foot the same treatment then tickles both at the same time making Lucy really laugh and struggle. After a quick attack on Lucys ribs Catherine is ready to tie her up for even more tickling.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Charlie Can't Stand It

Charlie Page Hogtied And Tickled

Til She Had Enough

Last time I had Charlie in for a shoot I didn't tickle her and when she came back Catherine told me she was upset that I didn't. Far be it from me to leave a lady wanting so I hogcuffed her on the bed. My fingers hit her soles and started her laughing and struggling right away. My nails found every spot on her soles and even on the tops. Charlie gets tickled almost the entire time and at the very end I had to hit her ribs for a second.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Tii Sybian Fucked and Tickled

Tii Is Fucked Silly

Over And Over Again

When Tii was here Catherine talked the sexy Asian into riding the sybian for the first time. What she didn't tell her was that her and Cindy would be tickling her too. Once Tii is on the sybian and getting fucked the girls start erotically tickling her and she starts laughing and struggling. They keep her from cumming a few times then finally let her have an intense orgasm. After she cums they tickle her even more until she finally slips out of the restraints.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Alexis Grace Loves how You Taste

Alexis Grace Is A Maneater

Sharpening Her Fangs

Alexis Grace is a sexy girl with a massive appetite for fresh meat. When she gets a new guy in her clutches the hunger over takes her and she starts sharpening her teeth on his arm. Bite after bite she sinks her teeth into his skin leaving marks as she goes. She works her way to his hands and really starts getting turned on as she takes his hand in her mouth and bites hard. She bites him repeatedly pulling the skin from the back of his hands into her mouth and grinding a bit before moving to his fingers and thumb.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Asian Teen Lesbian Affair

Tii Spread Licked And Tickled

Licklish Lesbians 7

Missi Daniels and sexy Asian Tii are messing around in the bedroom when Missi talks Tii into letting her tie her to the bed and tickle her. After she is Tied Missi licks and tickles Tii's naked body teasingly. She spends some time licking her sensitive nipples then buries her tongue in Tii's wet pussy. While she licks her to orgasm Missi uses her fingers to tickle Tii's upper body making her struggle and laugh. After Tii cums the tickling sensation intensifies until Tii almost pulls the covers off the bed.